The State of Container Security

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See how your peers are tackling container security, OSS vulnerabilities, and shifting left in RapidFort's latest survey of security professionals. 

Containerization is on the rise in the software industry, but this shift also brings increased security risks. Get the data you need to inform your strategy: 

  • 75% of respondents reported that at least half of their software is open source. How do they combat these security risks?

  • 73% of people said their organizations spend between 11 and 30 hours each week remediating CVEs - but there's a better, fully automated way to slash this number.

  • See how you can revolutionize your approach to container security.

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Why RapidFort?

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Arm yourself with the deepest scan on the market

Scan from the registry level all the way to the component level execution path – with a single platform – at a lower cost than your current scanner.

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Automatic mitigation

RapidFort’s comprehensive Software Attack Surface Management (SASM) platform allows security teams to observe, understand, and harden their software infrastructure – instantly.

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Say goodbye to your backlog

Eliminate up to 90% of your patch management backlog and continuously optimize containers without disrupting existing workflows.

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Build security into your SDLC

Address security and compliance issues upstream, reducing the burden on DevSecOps teams by hardening your containers as you build.

Reduce vulnerabilities by up to 90% without needing dev time

Focus on and solve actual risks, not an endless list of vulnerabilities you can neither fix nor patch.

  • Automate vulnerability remediation
  • reduce exposure to zero-day attacks by 78%
  • Manage and prioritize with AI-powered risk management
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Shrink your software attack surface by 80%+

Less unused code sitting around equals reduced exposure to zero-day attacks. RapidFort helps you keep your organization safe without introducing cumbersome guidelines or complex workflows.

  • Clearly demonstrate the vulnerabilities you remove to prove risk reduction
  • Deploy faster, cheaper, more secure applications
  • Transform dev and security team productivity by reducing compliance busywork and refocusing on high-priority deliverables 

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What our customers say

"RapidFort is a great solution for engineering teams to get a handle on OSS issues and help their security teams keep on top of them. Otherwise, the process is very time-consuming and ineffective. We also use RapidFort to identify and fix gaps in our tests, and the smaller workload sizes make our deployments more efficient."

"I recommend getting started by scanning one of your registries to see how easily it can generate an SBOM and uncover easy-to-fix vulnerabilities."

Reduce your vulnerabilities by up to 90% - automatically